Matt Mays is on a quest for the music that he hears in his head. When he stays still the sound of it drifts farther away: “when the vibrations stop it’s time to move on.” A few years back, Matt left wherever he was living at the time to embark on a journey into open space. To live in the midst of a world where anything could happen. A crusade into the sound, traversing the vast musical divide that he calls home. Mexico, California, Indonesia, Hawaii, Costa Rica, New York, wherever. He used surfing, yoga, and a ukulele as tools to bring him closer to the melodies and words in his head. Eventually, the sound was found. As soon as he stepped off the plane he started work an album he called Coyote: a proper home for all his experiences. Imagery painted with song. Coyote covers the whole spectrum of the sound that Mays finally found. “I’ve always loved animals that are beautiful but dangerous,” Matt explains. “It’s a good analogy for life. Coyotes are native to Canada, Mexico and the United States and that’s where I lived while writing this album.”

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