Tyra Jutai

Tyra Jutai is a young, female producer, song-writer, singer, and performer. She is Toronto-based and Toronto-born. Her music is cinematic, sensual, alternative, dark-pop. She’s currently releasing singles off her forth-coming debut EP.


Visually, Counttessa is a synthesis of confectionery sweet 1700’s style and meaty modernity. Conceptually, the name Counttessa pays homage to Opera and keeping time. Counttessa is a lady whose obsessed with music, once being a little girl who struggled in school,...

Zoe Sky Jordan

American Songwriter:
”…a sleek, modern sound that’s still tinged with nostalgia.”

No Country For New Nashville:
“ ‘For Granted’ is an arresting take on relationship dynamics with self-aware lyrics, emotive vocals, and pristine pop...