riff raff

we have been voted saskatoon’s best cover band, used to be an ACDC tribute and have original songs.

Machine Messiah

Machine Messiah is a Melodic Power Metal Band based out of Ottawa Canada. BobbyStones is the Lead Vocalist and is working with Bassist Hofner of Ottawa, Guitarists Brennan Whitworth and Everett Mayhew of Ottawa, and Drummer Raul Corona of Mexico City. The songs you...

Pyramids on Mars

Formed in 2011, PYRAMIDS ON MARS is the solo creation of guitarist Kevin Estrella who offers an aural palette of intense, emotional, 4-dimensional, heavy and melodic progressive instrumental rock/ metal that includes a range of influences such as Baroque classical...


We are Turbo a rock n roll band. Loud Fast and Heavy we take inspiration from punk metal and hardcore to create what is undeniably our sound.