Angie Faith

Radio Station: Vancouver
Folk / Singer-Songwriter,Indie / Pop

ANGIE FAITH is a proud and passionate singer/songwriter/performing artist with roots planted in Vancouver, British Columbia. She adds authentically raw talent to the atmosphere of live music venues. Angie’s performances are inspirational, emotional, and leave people with a positive, memorable experience.

Angie has a well-established performance career; she has been engaged within the music industry for over two decades. Angie loves to perform in settings such as pubs, lounges, casinos, and hotels and often finds herself being booked for weddings and private events throughout the Lower Mainland.

Angie actively participates in local workshops to encourage musical diversity. She uses her musicality to inspire youth and adults alike to continue to pursue their dreams.

As well, Angie has found many artists inspirational through the years; most notably she is influenced by artists such as Led Zeppelin, John Mayer, Adele, The Rolling Stones, Beyoncé as well as many more. Angie Faith is consistently booked throughout each month & you can catch her at any of these dates listed below:

ANGIE FAITH is a singer/songwriter and performing artist with roots planted in Vancouver, British Columbia. She adds deep, soulful passion and an authentic twist to her songs. Angie brings her vibrancy and powerful vocals to every heart-touching performance. Angie is highly skilled at reading a crowd’s energy; she understands the varying atmosphere of live music venues and performs accordingly. Angie’s performances are inspirational, emotional and leave her audience with a truly memorable, positive experience. In 2017, Angie released a live off the floor EP, titled Awaken, and it is available on all popular streaming platforms. Currently, Angie is in the studio alongside producer and artist Nylez K working on releasing her next single.