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Alternative / Soul,Electronic / Soul,Soul / R&B

Apropos is an international recording artist and performer whose electric vocals and captivating stage presence have lead to recognition from around the globe.

Born in Baltimore and raised in Detroit, Apropos’ infatuation with music started early. At 7, he learned to play piano and began perfecting his songwriting craft by 9. The son of a minister, his connection with music deepened while performing gospel music in church. After recognizing his innate gifts and natural prowess, an inspiring middle school teacher encouraged a young Apropos to start his journey and dedicate his life to his art.

In 2010, Apropos became the lead singer of the Detroit band Soul Divide. The group spent years playing shows around Michigan and throughout the Midwest, developing a cult following of devoted fans who were roused by their dynamic shows and Apropos’ unforgettable vocal showcase. After releasing their debut album ‘Tell the World’ in 2013, the group split in 2015 due to creative differences. His journey stalled, Apropos took a brief hiatus from music and experienced some of the darkest internal moments of his life. He found himself at a crossroad and questioned the feasibility of a music career for the first time.

However, the questions didn’t last long.

Fueled solely by his ambition and unconditional passion for music, Apropos quit his day job and dove headfirst into pursuing a career as a solo artist. Modern Motown was born in the fall of 2017 when Apropos dropped a trio of self-released tracks. Now the father of his own genre, he pushed forward independently until his song ‘Oreo’ caught the attention of music executives from across the pond. At the onset of 2018, Apropos’ journey merged into the fast lane when he signed with Iamsound and Beverly Martel, cementing himself as a professional singer-songwriter mere months after his initial offering as an independent solo artist.

The summer of 2018 changed Apropos’ life forever. Finding himself on a flight from Hitsville to Hollywood, Apropos landed in Los Angeles to collaborate with Grammy-nominated producer and musician Dave Wilder. The pair were a match made in Heaven and after locking themselves in a studio for a month, Apropos left LA for London with a handful of incredible songs already in tow. Stationing himself five hours outside of London in the tiny village of Blackpool (pop. 114k) with dynamic UK producing duo AZTX, Apropos spent the next month tirelessly working to complete his debut album. After a last trip to London to oversee the final mixing and mastering of his album and to record a music video for his first single ‘She Makes Me,’ Apropos returned to Detroit to await its release.

On November 2, 2018, Apropos released his debut album (Verse)atility on Iamsound and Beverly Martel. He had finally reached the first major checkpoint of his journey. The album was met with acclaim on both sides of the pond.

Apropos lives in Detroit, MI where he maintains a robust performance schedule, including a number of charity fundraisers for a variety of Detroit nonprofits. He’s currently mapping out the next destination on his journey.