Radio Station: Toronto
indie folk rock

“There’s truth in the stories of every drunk sailor, the fables are true there are ghosts in the water,” – ATHANASE OLD TOWN
ATHANASE, pronounced ath-an-ouse, is a modern folk-rock band out of Steel Town Hamilton, who’s music “… is as ETERNAL as their name is UNIQUE” – Y108 CJXY- FM. The moniker ATHANASE is Greek for immortal, both are fitting for a band that uses their songs to tell stories. The band bends genres combining folk, alternative, LOTS of 50’s rock n roll, and little country to put together a simultaneously emotional and energetic experience.
“We’ve been called ‘modern folk’, and I think that’s because we put on a fun live show – like the energy from a 1950’s rock n roll concert- while still keeping true to the elements we love from the folk genres,” says singer/song writer Jason Athanase Baronette.


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