Black Creek Reign

Radio Station: Toronto
Alternative Reggae,funk,Rock / Blues,Rock / Pop

Black Creek Reign is a rock band that beckons back to the glory days of guitar-lead bar room rock music. Creating original tracks and reinterpreting their idols for covers (Bill Withers, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer), this multi-instrumental trio crafts a sound that blends rock, blues, funk and reggae, for a unique sound that belongs in both 1965 and 2020. BCR debuted their first studio EP (Excommunicado) to high praise from critics. Following that success, they ended the year with the single release Culture Shock which rocketed to 20,000 plays in a month. Black Creek Reign is rooted in a tradition of guitar-focused music that can trace it’s lineage back to Robert Johnson and the birth of American Blues. They take this musical foundation and blend thoughtful lyrics, precise musicianship, and energetic live performances. This band is surely one of the up-and-coming Canadian groups that is not to be missed.