Brianna Clarke

Radio Station: Toronto
Folk / Pop

Brianna Clarke was raised on Tom Waits and Celine Dion. Her immense appreciation for artistic songwriting flourished alongside a deep love of top 40 radio classics, leaving her with the unshakable desire to bring both worlds together. A classically trained pianist and self-taught guitar player, she started writing songs at 16 as a way to express the things she couldn’t say. She followed her passion to Berklee College of Music, where she honed in on her unique ability to speak honestly and relatably through song. Brianna has devoted herself to the lyrically candid exploration of the experiences we all share. She writes of things that are hard to say, within hooks you can’t help but hum. An ethereal voice packing a bold message, she’s an artist destined to hit a nerve.

In 2019, she started working with Herag Sanballian, who helped see through the vision she had for the songs composed on her kitchen floor. Gritty bass lines, layered vocals and ambient synths bringing new life to her powerful songs.

Brianna looks forward to playing more shows and connecting with audiences all over the world. Passionate about sharing her life’s work, she is determined to never stop making music, as she believes its greatest value lies in its ability to be shared.


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