Buffalo Bill

Radio Station: Toronto
Alternative / Hard Rock,Garage Rock,Rock,Rock / Blues

An electrifying three-piece outfit hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada—pack a brass knuckle punch of biker bar blues fully loaded with vicious licks and pounding rhythms guaranteed to keep heads banging and the whiskey flowing.
Leading the musical charge is front-man, Jorge Sousa. His southern rock and heavy metal influences shine through in his impassioned vocals and blistering guitar work that deliver a gritty combo of true- to-life lyrics and soaring riffs.
Drummer, Jeff Mastronardi, channels the iconic vibe of the Sunset Strip and adds his own mix of classic rock and grunge stylings to keep the freight train barrelling down the tracks.
Bringing it all together are the razor sharp rhythms and growling bass courtesy of Will Shannon. With a steady hand and a mean mug, Will bolsters the bottom end and gives Buffalo Bill their signature groove.
Started in 2018, the band was born out of the ashes of a defunct project during which Jorge and Jeff formed an instant musical connection. Will was soon recruited, the chemistry was undeniable, and Buffalo Bill was ready to roll.
This trio of ramblers mix musical passion, relentless energy, and a few hard knock life lessons to serve up an unapologetic Molotov cocktail of thrashy-blues-based-hard-rock that’s best served cranked all the way up. Follow Buffalo Bill to find show dates so you can experience the fury for yourself.


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