Carbon Memory

Radio Station: Toronto
Alternative Rock

We are a dynamic alternative rock band that strives to develop sonic snapshots that are both transporting and cinematic. Our guitar driven sound is rooted in the focused songwriting of 90s Alternative Rock, while resonating with the musical dexterity and organic sounds of the 60s and 70s. We have recently been awarded a FACTOR “Artist Development” grant that we will be using towards an upcoming album release this summer. Our debut EP, “Panoramas”, represents our initial chapter in seeking common ground in songwriting influences in the band. Panoramas’ warm and organic sound was featured on Southern Souls (the quintessential online video archive of the latest Canadian independent talent) with two live-off-the-floor performances of the jazzy, sultry, and psychedelic “Medusa” and the embracing and hopeful folk-inspired song “Ocean of Gold”. Last year we hit the road and played across Southern Ontario in Windsor, Ottawa and Toronto and played the iconic Opera House and Lee’s Palace in Toronto.


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