Cathy Hutch Trio

Radio Station: Halifax
Americana / Folk / Indie


….consists of three multi-talented musicians from Fredericton, NB who perform Cathy’s original songs in a fabulous mix of blues, rock and country styles.

Cathy Hutch is an indie artist who writes and sings from the core of her being. Her debut album “Not Goin’ Back” (2008) was recorded in Nashville and features the world renowned “I’m In Here – The Anthem for Autism”, co-written for her daughter Kristy.

Her latest release, entitled “Free Wheelin'” (2018) was engineered and produced in Prince Edward Island and Saint John by Paul Milner (Eddy Grant, Keith Richards, Matt Andersen, Glass Tiger) and features her trio both instrumentally and vocally, and other top Maritime talent as well.

The Cathy Hutch Trio features Cathy on lead vocals, kick-ass acoustic guitar and harmonica; John Rosengren on smoooooth bass and wunderkid Colton Craft on keyboards and vocals. Originally a drummer in several popular NB bands, Cathy’s powerful and percussive sense of rhythm comes to the forefront whenever she picks up a guitar, delighting audiences everywhere she goes!

“Cathy Hutch is everything that is good about live music. She is charming, witty, multi-talented and has a smile that would light the way out of a bar during a power failure. With or without accompaniment Cathy is every bit a professional entertainer. As a songwriter, Cathy exhibits insights into the human condition that show her to have a heart as big as her voice. And man can she liven up a crowd! She rocks, she rolls, and, above all, she entertains.” Richard Blaquiere

Additional accolades from music publications:
“Hutch is a premiere talent and worth recommending” MUSIC EXISTENCE
“One killer blues/rock artist with the skills and experience to own it” RAZORFISH
“Cathy Hutch is back with her brand new, magnificently blues-tinged CD” INDIE SHARK
“A phenomenally gifted singer and songwriter” IMAAI
“Thrilling melodies…infectious and memorable” SKOPE MAGAZINE
“Catchy lyrics and she has a masterful command of the guitar” GASHOUSE RADIO
“I absolutely fell in love with the tone of this album;a slice of audio gold” MINDY McCALL


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