CJ Cooper

Radio Station: Toronto
Singer songwriter

CJ Cooper is a young singer/songwriter from Guelph, Ontario. She has played at the Rogers Cup, toured on the Toronto-Vancouver ViaRail train, played several shows as part of Canadian Music Week and award-winning show choir KW Glee. She is also the official Guelph Nighthawks anthem singer and has sung for the Hamilton Ti-Cats. She has been featured and participated in various charity events and festivals such as Hillside-Inside, Art on the Street, Inside Ride, Spread the Net and Beyond Borders.

She released her debut album “Look Ahead” in 2018 and released her new single “Red Flags” this past summer. She also has two music videos produced by Matt Connell. CJ is a recent honours graduate of Seneca College’s Independent Songwriting & Performance program and 2020 will see CJ travelling to the East Coast to promote her music, as well as recording her next album.


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