Radio Station: Vancouver
Art Pop,Art Rock

Visually, Counttessa is a synthesis of confectionery sweet 1700’s style and meaty modernity. Conceptually, the name Counttessa pays homage to Opera and keeping time. Counttessa is a lady whose obsessed with music, once being a little girl who struggled in school, couldn’t count and had ear multiple ear surgeries. Counttessa embraces, embracing her weaknesses and proudly counting her blessings. Counttessa has grown into the woman she dreamed of becoming, and invites you into her house of music, where she plays hostess.

Counttessa is Cari or in full,Caroline Rose Mary Ann Craig.

Cari innately draws from both her classical and contemporary training all whilst her personality and influences seamlessly seep and synthesize into her music. Cari’s original modern body of work could be best categorized as avant-garde pop, poetic, thought provoking and is described by viewers, adjudicators and booking agents as ‘trailblazing’…‘theatrical’…‘art-rock’ and ‘soulful’. Cari finds her contemporary artistic endeavors immensely impacted by her Operatic training and from aspects of her fine art degree such as Sculpture, Gender Studies and Art History.