Radio Station: Halifax
Folk / Alternative / Rock

Kim D’Ambrogi, the primary songwriter and vocalist of D’Ambrosia, laces the songs with a sultry vocal sway, enriched by a psychedelic rock and country blues sound from the band. The songs have come to fruition by working with Mike Trask on arrangement and production, along with collaborations from a number of savvy and talented Maritime musicians. An album entitled Wild Blue was released in May 2019, which was recorded at Halifax’s Echo Chamber several years prior. The album is available on Spotify, bandcamp and iTunes. Because the members of the recording band live in New Brunswick, Kim has acquired another band with members from the Halifax area to perform as D’Ambrosia. They have been playing shows in Halifax for the last several years at a number of local venues and small NS festivals and have started writing new material together as a band, as well.


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