Radio Station: Toronto
Alternative / Soul,R&B,Soul/R&B

Den’e was born on Aug 3rd 1999 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Den’e has always had a passion for music from an early age. She started to develop her love for music from the age of six, where she picked up the piano.

From there, Den’e has learned how to play the flute, alto saxophone, and guitar. She also continued to develop her passion for music throughout her high school years when she joined the symphonic, orchestra, and the jazz band in high school.

Den’e is now focusing more in depth with her songwriting and producing her very own songs. She self teaches herself to produce and mix her own music.

Den’e’s music is different and authentic to most because she produces and writes all of her songs. Her style and sound is a mix between sultry&dark. Kind of like Amy meets The Weeknd.

She has written and produced three of her very own songs : “..If you gotta look like her”, “CRZY”, and “Joker” which are all out currently on various streaming platforms.

Den’e has also done some live performances at various venues in Toronto and is currently releasing her first album.