Dirty & the Perks

Radio Station: Saskatoon
Folk / Alternative / Rock

Dirty & The Perks is a four piece Neo-Folk-Rock outfit from Saskatoon. The Perkin siblings provide upbeat strings unconfined to traditional rhythms while dueling, powerhouse vocals drag you into the winding maze of Jordan Diederich’s lyrical finesse. Topped off with stompy timing and dynamic performance, this group is a proven crowd pleaser with an enthusiastic and dedicated following. They have thrived on local festivals (Ness Creek, Dog Patch, Astral Harvest, Higher Ground, Pembina River Nights, Doylefest), events (Taste of SK, Rock Against Racism, Pride Festival, Telemiracle, Regina Jazz Fest), the vivid nightlife of famed music venues and the release of their first EP: (old soul, resurrected.)


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