Farba Kingdom

Radio Station: Montreal
Electronic / Rock

Farba Kingdom – Ukrainian-Latvian family Duo in the style of electronic rock. Recently released their first long-playing album House of Liberty, which was widely distributed on independent radio stations in Europe and the United States.
Argentine music portal Delta 80 about Farba Kingdom: “They cultivate experimental music wrapped in extremely interesting and, at times, hypnotic and new electronic rock. The compositions revolve around freedom, and the melodies Express freshness and ambition.”

“Farba Kingdom is a truly independent (stampout) musical family project in the style of electronic rock. Our songs are about internal ecology, about fighting the virus that is devouring humanity. We believe that there should be no orientations in music, much less copying. We also avoid intermediaries in the form of labels and recording studios, so we do everything ourselves, in our own bedroom-from songwriting to recording all the instruments, mixing and mastering.”

The project’s founder, Daniel Farba, started writing songs at the age of 8. Since then, this process has not stopped, Daniel is a member of the International Association of songwriters in the United States (International Singer-Songwriters Association, USA). In 2018, Lisa appeared in the project and the twenty-year path of musical search found meaning and tangible forms. Now they are free to work on sites of any scale.

Currently, the band has released two Maxi-singles-Out of the ruin (2019) and All riot (2019) and the long-playing album House of Liberty (2020).


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