Fatal Switch

Radio Station: Montreal
Alternative / Hard Rock,Rap/Hip-Hop

From its very inception, guitar licks over hip hop beats have always been just as contagious as rap verses over the distortion of guitars. An infectious sound wave crashing into the ears of the anarchic rebel lusting for its sonic tide. With percussive lyrics layered over the deep-rooted groove of bass, guitar and drums this sound of angst carved out not one but two dissident communities who stand against oppression. The communities of Hip-Hop and Punk. They once stood side by side in a time when they’re anger and angst entwined during the inception of these musical genres. And the spark of their encounter is still sung in every Rock, Metal and Rap song that passes on the flame of rage.

So, when you listen to a track by Fatal Switch the question you are meant to hear is who am I? Am I Punk? Am I Rock? Am I Hip Hop? Am I Metal?

In response to a question that can never be answered Fatal Switch asks questions of its own as the art of storytelling meets the mayhem of drums and the insanity of guitars. It gives life to a universe that lives outside the music and rewrites its own pages through innovative, audience engaging innovations that brings its concept to a platform that currently does not exist.

Created under the guidance of Montreal producer and Slaves On Dope guitarist Kevin Jardine Fatal Switch’s debut album Doctors & Demons was recorded at Uplift Studios. Frontman Steve Tobin and Kevin worked closely together to craft the compositions that shaped this hybrid project into a unique album utilizing Kevin’s knowledge of arrangements and Steve’s lyrics that drove the emotions of the record. The additional services of Mike Gerbasi on guitar and Luca Tobin on bass were acquired to add a deeper dimension and texture to the music. And with countless studio sessions under his belt with Kevin, drummer Peter Tzefaris was selected as the natural choice to deliver on Kevin’s vision of drum arrangements. Once mixed, the album was mastered by Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, Priestess, etc..) and their first single is now set for release in March 2020 through Believe Digital.

Currently writing new material for their second studio album the band now consists of seasoned rhythm guitarist Ryann Paqueo (Severed Wings), Drummer Ralph A Samah (Chainsaw Armageddon), technically trained lead guitarist Max Rope and former guitarist of (Mercury Blast) David Vigliotti taking up the bass to round out the rhythm section.

Fatal Switch keeps evolving as its team keeps growing on its journey to deliver on the album’s studio success. Their ambition to foster the support of their fans is the fuel that drives their mission to be the most unique band in the music industry.

Management/Contact: Pedro Barbosa, pedrockk@gmail.com 514.779.3377
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/fatalswitch/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/fatal.switch/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/FatalSwitch