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Dreamy vocals, alienated lyrics, hypnotic grooves, guitar loops and climaxing endings , equals fantasy indie sounds of GelaX.
Their venture started in Toronto, Canada in 2016 as a due between GelaxKey and TareqAz after fleeing their dictatorship countries to pursue music and find a new beginning. With Olaf and Jason joining on rhythm in 2018, the sound grew more tribal and deeper with a raw live edge.
Always getting inspired by new and different styles of music, colours, textures, and fashion, they’re constantly driven to experiment with new ideas, looks and sounds ignoring any genre restrictions, or expectations. Gelax combine bright colourful visuals against darker moods and subject matters to go along with their chameleon-esque style of fantasy music.
Their most recent singles “Life”, along with a successful accompanying visually popping and avant- garde video, and “Crazy Arms”, which were produced by Juno award winner Tim Abraham, generated enough buzz to get featured on CBCs 3 Ontario songs to watch for.


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