Ghost Caravan

Radio Station: Toronto
Electronic / Soul,Electronic Pop,Pop / Synth

Ghost Caravan is a group of collaborators lead by Shaina Silver-Baird, Juliana Iannuzziello, Michelle Faehrmann and Sarah Riegler. On their debut album and various singles, the group has worked with members of Martha and the Muffins, Grand Analog and the Weeknd. Silver-Baird says, “We love creating music with other people. The end result is so much better because of the many points of view, different opinions and experiences that are woven into the song.” The music itself is orchestral soultronica. The Ghost Caravan live show mixes electronic elements with live instruments creating a sound that is cinematic and invigorating. Silver-Baird elaborates, “We want to develop the soulful core along with the orchestral element. It’s such an exciting sound – very contemporary and yet derived from something deeper and older. We love how celebratory it is. It’s as if we get to see the world through glasses that make the colours a bit more vibrant and the moments a bit more joyous. And getting to play these songs live with an all-female band is an exciting, powerful experience. Plus, it’s just so damn fun!”The group will be releasing a series of new singles in 2020.


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