Greg P. The MC

Radio Station: Vancouver
Alternative,Hip Hop

Coming straight out of Paterson, NJ, Greg P. The MC is the final puzzle piece that Hip Hop has been missing. With well-structured lyricism, fancy flows, and elegant instrumentation, Greg’s music paints a vivid picture of who he is as a person. From reflecting on his past, sharing his goals for the future, or just being off the wall, Greg P The MC only speaks from the heart and always keep it real with the listener no matter what.

At the age of 12, there was a time where Greg P. wasn’t even into rap music. But that all changed when he watched the movie, ”8 Mile”. The underdog plot about a local battle rapper trying to earn respect through Hip Hop drew enough inspiration for the young Jersey native to pick up a pen and start writing. By doing research on the art form, Greg has discovered many legendary MC’s like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Nas, Big L, Rakim, Kendrick Lamar, and many more that help influenced his style. 6 years later, Greg P. The MC is working every hour to better himself as an artist and gain a successful career in order to leave a legacy behind for his family, fans, and hometown.