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Toronto-born Greg Rider was destined to be an entertainer; from a young age, Greg always loved connecting with an audience and being on stage, which eventually developed into a passion for music. Greg’s musical journey started in Montreal, busking on street corners and playing the bar scene. From Montreal, Greg left for the Cayman Islands to bartend and play music, but he knew if he wanted to make it in the music world, Nashville was where he needed to be. In Nashville, Greg was determined to share his music wherever he could, playing any bar that would give him a chance. His tenacity paid off; after just one year, Greg had full-time residency at some of Nashville’s top bars, such as Jason Aldean’s, Luke Bryan’s, and FGL House. He got the chance to showcase his originals at the infamous ‘Whisky Jam’ in Nashville. Rider is living back in Canada now and just returned home from touring across Canada, playing at over 75 schools and reaching over 30,000 high school students with his message of hope and resiliency. He is an up-and-coming star with a big WHY. His new single is set release in early April which he will take to Canadian Radio.


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