Hansom Ēli

Radio Station: Montreal
Alternative / Soul,Electronic Pop,Folk / Indie / Soul,indie folk rock

Hansom Ēli, composed of Camille and Alexy Guérer, is an innovative musical duo based in Montreal. Together, they effortlessly blend folk, R&B, funk and indie pop into their music, forging a style that is unmistakably their own.

After their debut performance at Quai des Brumes in Montreal on November 20th 2018, Hansom Ēli released a set of intimate live-off-the floor recordings as an EP called Yesterday. These intimate and raw recordings offered a glimpse of where the band came from, but also where they might be heading.

Since then, they have secured funding through FACTOR twice and have performed at the Canadian Music Week 2019 showcase where they played on May 8th and 10th. Additionally, they have been awarded the coveted MVP grant presented by RBCxMusic and the Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television, to produce a music video which is scheduled for release early 2020.

Currently, they are promoting their debut singles Soho and Monet which released along-side music videos on July 25th and November 14th 2019. They are honoured to say that in the short time since their release, they have garnered airplay on stations in Canada and Europe such as CBC, Radio Canada, CISM, and Europe 1. Additionally, Soho has been playlisted over 300 times on Spotify and garnered over thirty five thousand streams in its first two month.

For over ten years Alexy has been developing his musical abilities through working as a teacher, producer, arranger and songwriter. He worked with many artists and bands, and most recently was mentor for a successful Jeunes Volontaire grant project. He is a producer/engineer at Kensington Sound, has performed at venues and festivals around Canada, and songs from his solo LP Future Architects have appeared over 20 times in TV shows such as “The Young and the Restless” and “Degrassi”. A true student of music, you can always find Alexy practicing, work-shopping and perfecting his craft.

Following in the footsteps of her older brother, Camille developed her musical talent from a very young age. From singing, playing guitar to song-writing, Camille demonstrates a deep understanding of musical composition. Her soulful soprano voice is lulling yet empowered; her words, honest and vulnerable.

Drawing from funk, pop, experimental and indie, and with a voice and sound reminiscent of the soul and character of Feist or Christine and The Queen, Hansom Ēli is sure to draw you into their musical world.


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