Radio Station: Toronto
Singer songwriter,Soul / R&B

Holly Santonato is a soulful R&B singer/songwriter from Toronto. At a young age, Holly was naturally drawn to the arts of singing and poetry. Music has become a sense of therapy for Holly to ease her life circumstances and design a safe haven for herself; she puts her heart and soul into everything she creates. Holly started taking singing lessons at the age of 6 at KAOS Music, and continued to find growth in vocal training at Singers Edge. Through continuous practice, Holly pushed her vocal range and adjusted singing teachers. Currently, Holly vocally trains with Paula Griffith at Cherry Beach Studios. In 2016, Holly decided to invest on building her music oasis into a career. She attended Seneca college for there IMP (Independent Music Production) Program, where she was able to absorb a lot of information about the music business, production, songwriting, grant writing, photography, marketing and a lot more. That same year, Holly released 3 singles, which became apart of an E.P project, totalling 8 songs that were released in 2017. Engulfed in her creativity, and networking with different producers in the city, Holly went on to release a single the following year and in 2019, has marketed 2 of her latest singles, ‘Felt Love’ and her latest single, ‘Why’. Through continuous admiration for music, Holly strives to build her network, and create amazing content. Gravitating and sensual, Holly’s sound captivates listeners to stay up to date with new releases.

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