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You probably don’t know it, but the Universe is divided into two hemispheres, just like a brain: a left one and a right one. The earth spins in both of these dimensions at once, harbouring two similar and parallel worlds that know nothing of one another. You are on the left side; we come from the right. A few years ago, we moved from one dimension to the other to live among you. We are Actualists and we come from… elsewhere! Infuria was formed in Jerusalem in 1994. However, we’re not talking about the Holy city you know, but rather the one located in the Universe’s right hemisphere, the one where the Earth also turns and with some have renamed “Constant – b”. In this other dimension, Earth is ruled by women, who govern according to the teachings of Elisheva of Nazareth, the sister of your prophet Jesus Christ. It was in reaction to our society’s backward-looking attitudes, that we created the Actual movement, an organization that has given itself the mission of promoting the “present”. Our words and our actions, going against Elisheva’s writings as they did, angered the authorities. They sought to eliminate us. Searching for safety, we successfully crossed over into your dimension. Since 1997, we have lived in the province of Quebec, in Canada. Here, we will continue to live as we always have: Believing in our ideals, without ever imposing them on others.


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