Jackson D. Begley

Radio Station: Toronto
Alternative Rock

I am Jackson D. Begley, 22 from Oshawa, Ontario and have been writing and recording Alternative Rock songs since I was 13 yrs old. Now, I am striving to have my presence felt. I have utilized social media to help get my songs out there and am very proud to be the #1 Canadian Alternative Artist on Reverbnation. I have multiple shout outs from many Music Bloggers across the Globe, especially from Canada’s foremost music journalist, Alan Cross. I have also completed music for a few video games, one of which “One Way” has won the best new game category in the independent gaming awards. I have also been selected as a “House Composer” for the film students at Humber College in Toronto.
In the past few years I have been trying to promote my original Alternative Rock music to town square type of environments. At first, it went extremely well as I amassed a lot of likes on facebook, but now find it extremely difficult to get noticed, but I will persist.
With the assistance from a few good friends my band sounds just as great live as my recordings.


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