Jacquie Daniels and the Jokers

Radio Station: Edmonton
Alternative / Hard Rock,Rock,Rock / Blues

Harley’s, live music and a good time. Manifested by Metis Blonde Bombshell Jacquie Daniels, the Jokers stage show can’t be beat. In the short time, the Jokers have been together they have gained the backing from Edmonton’s own Rock n Roll Society and have opened for bands such as One Bad Son, Sloan and The Damn Truth, the Joker’s hard-hitting rifts with Jacquie’s powerhouse vocals, leave you wanting more.

Furthermore, Jacquie Daniels and the Jokers promotes and shines a light on indigenous women in the rock music scene as well as the LGBTQ2+ community. Over half the band is actively apart of the LGBTQ2+ community and band leader & vocalist, Jacquie Daniels, is part of the Metis community. One of the songs written by Jacquie Daniels was inspired by her stories from her ancestors family history of hosting the famous secret meetings of Louis Riel which were held at the Nault’s family farmhouse.

While the year has just begun, Summer 2020 is turning out to be an extremely exciting time for the Jokers as they are gearing up to record their highly anticipated EP with Brad Simons of Velveteen Audio who is a multi JUNO nominated producer. So really the only thing left to say is, you better be ready because the Jokers are coming in hot and are ready to play.


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