jeffrey marshall

Radio Station: Vancouver
Rock / Blues

In a world where it seems that most musicians are more concerned about their social media accounts and Instagram followers then talent and hard work, Jeffrey Marshall is trying to breathe life into the music industry one fan at a time. Born with a severe disability that left him without arms and in a wheelchair, Jeffrey uses his abilities to invoke audiences up on their feet and wanting more. Using his feet to maneuver the guitar and his mouth to belt out his feelings using voice and harmonica, Jeffrey‘s only desire in life is to share his talent with anyone willing to listen and experience his life through his art. Jeffrey began his musical journey as a teenager in Nashville and it has since taken him all over the planet playing with some of the best musicians in the world. He has shared the stage with international bands and has performed all over the United States as well as nearly a dozen countries. His music is raw, infectious, and genuine to its core. When Jeffrey is not recording or performing, he works as a documentary filmmaker and doing his weekly radio show on Ozcat Radio (89.5 FM KZCT) in Vallejo California. He is also vary passionate about his non profit (The Jeffrey Marshall Arts Foundation) that promotes self emancipation through artistic expression. Jeffrey Marshall is honored and humbled to be on this amazing journey and his goal is to express to audiences that as much as the music can be digested and learnt, it is much better served with heart and soul.


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