Johnny Turbo

Radio Station: Ottawa


My name is Johnny Turbo (John Michael-Veenstra) and I am a teacher from Brockville, Ontario. I have travelled far and wide across this land teaching kids music. I have played shows in Fort Hope, Fort Albany, Sachigo, Garden Hill, Lac Brochet and more. My music is about hope, fun and inspiration.

I grew up consuming lots of video games/movies, which have influenced my music style. I write songs about the hero character in all of us experiencing fun, love and excitement. My lyrics alternate/blend being serious or humorous. My University degree in English Literature has given me a passion for songs, stories and poetry.

I am called Johnny Turbo because my songs have a fast, powerful energy that is heavier and harder than the competition. I use my turbo power to inspire merriment like how the bards used to do it for Kings in ancient times. I have a new EP Album called “Save The Hometown”, which is about saving my town by using fun. My album “Save The Hometown” inspires listeners to be happy and positive.

I have organized many talent shows, music nights, holiday concerts and school gigs. I have given music lessons to hundreds of kids across Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. I have made multiple class bands/clubs. I have given back to communities by donating music equipment and doing free music tutoring. I want to continue working with music and getting others more passionate about it.

Thank you for reading my bio.

Sincerely: Johnny Turbo


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