Liz Anne Hill

Radio Station: Toronto

Born by the California coast, raised back and forth between a cozy suburb of Los Angeles and a rural mining town in Arizona, the songstress learned to sing, write, and ride at an early age. More comfortable on horseback in muddy boots and bluejeans than beachside in a yellow two piece and white Ray-Bans, Liz Anne Hill blends down-home country roots with a rock energy for a diverse and spellbinding sound. After lending her powerhouse vocals as a demo singer for top Los Angeles producers, and later touring nationwide as a bass player and backup singer for various pop artists, Hill returned to the reason she initially fell in love with music; songwriting.

Songs penned by Hill have charted on Billboard, been featured in animated films and by major airlines. While Liz Anne enjoyed commercial success as in Hollywood as a pop musician, she quietly continued writing songs for herself like those she heard playing out of the old radio in her grandma’s Cochise County kitchen. In 2017, Hill took a leap of faith, loaded her horse in the trailer, threw her guitar in the trunk, and headed to Nashville. Armed with an arresting voice, and songs that highlight an irresistible ability to wear her heart on her sleeve, Liz Anne Hill recently completed a highly-anticipated EP under the guidance of producer, Louis Nerman.


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