Matt Cairns

Radio Station: Vancouver
Country,Pop,Pop Rock,Rock,Rock / Pop

Matt Cairns is a singer songwriter originally from Winnipeg Manitoba. He’s released 4 EPs and 1 full length studio album under the Matt Cairns moniker and has been putting out catchy, hook laden, melody driven Rock and Roll since 2001. In 2007 Matt joined rock band Live On Arrival for a brief stint. Shortly after moving to Vancouver in 2010 Matt recorded a single and shot a video for a song called I Need You. Matt has spent the last few years writing, recording, and performing music all over Vancouver and the lower mainland. Matt currently has finished a 3 song country demo in the studio produced by Jimmy Thow of the band Sons of Daughters, with the final song being written in Nashville just recently as well as a rock single called Lady Luck which was co written with Jimmy Thow and recorded and mixed by Alex Aligansakis ‘condor’ from the legendary Nimbus family.


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