Maya Rae

Radio Station: Vancouver
Folk / Indie / Soul,Folk / Singer-Songwriter,jazz,Singer songwriter

Poised at the crossroads between innocence and experience, Maya Rae’s voice communicates with an immediacy and commitment that most artists never attain. In an age when so much music feels overproduced and lacking in emotion, Maya’s songs come like a breath of fresh air. Her live performances allow the listener to hear a young storyteller on stage, weaving her original songs through a concert that is also mixed with jazz standards and classics.

Because she’s been singing professionally since the age of twelve, and has gone on to sing with some of the biggest names in Canadian jazz, it’s understandable that much of what’s been written about Maya has focused on how much she’s accomplished at such a young age. And, even though she’ll be just shy of 18 when ‘Can You See Me?’ is released, the quality of the music speaks for itself. Produced by veteran roots musician Steve Dawson, ‘Can You See Me?’ takes the listener on a journey through the soul of a deeply talented young artist.

Maya Rae and her brother, Gabriel, started writing songs together in the summer of 2018. Inspired by classic singers like Carole King and Nina Simone, iconic performers such as The Beatles and Joni Mitchell as well as modern-day artists like Ed Sheeran and Adele, Maya felt ready to record an album of original material.


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