Radio Station: Toronto
Hip Hop,Pop,Rap/Hip-Hop

MDL CHLD [pronounced Middle Child] is a multidisciplinary artist that combines his profession as an American Sign Language Interpreter and his lifelong passion for creativity, movement & music into a trifecta of accessible achievement. Working with Deaf performers, both on stage and behind the scenes, he simultaneously uses ASL while rapping and integrates the language directly into the performance choreography. His innovative approach is reshaping the way the World sees accessibility in the arts and is inspiring others to collaborate with his team to make their art/videos/performances accessible as well. He’s performed live on stage creating accessible content for Jay Z, Panic! At The Disco, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Thomas Rhett, and many others. After a brief European Tour he is rebranding, reshaping, and reinventing not only himself but the accessible music/video scene as a whole. His catchy music, intricate lyrics, unique performance style and inclusive approach certainly make him a trailblazer and he won’t stop until the World understands that music can be seen not only heard.