Radio Station: Vancouver
Pop / Alternative

A project inspired by the end of love; musicians Derya Gwynneth and Matthew DeBeer team up to create an experimental dark pop project. The duo was formed in April of 2019 after producer, Matthew DeBeer, came back from New York with a broken heart and an urge to spill his guts. After months of going through the stages of a “typical” break-up, DeBeer produced 10 tracks on his experience of letting go and moving on; which would soon turn into their debut album set to release on February 28th, 2020. Although the lyrics and sounds were brought to life from DeBeers journal, Gwynneth took his experience like her own to add lush, haunting and powerful vocals.
Aliens, deserts and masturbating to static TV are some key elements on what this story beholds. Made to sound like a film (or whatever you may like it to be), Mellowhaunts new record is sure to make you feel confused, nostalgic and bittersweet. The album takes place somewhere in Nevada where you’ll be taken on a journey through long endless roads that lead to nowhere and dingy motels that smell like cigarettes after sex.


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