Mitch For Mayor

Radio Station: Edmonton
Alternative / Indie / Rock,Psych Rock,Punk / Surf

Just shy of Edmonton’s city limits, “MITCH FOR MAYOR” started out as a half baked political aspiration around a fire pit one night in the small town of Devon, Alberta. When confronted by the reality of the challenges with regard to effectively entering politics in modern times, “idea” man, Mitch Fox, decided the campaign slogan would make a much better band name instead.

Gathering a group of eager musicians, Mitch set forth to create and discover the music he had always wanted to listen to. Leaning in to a proclivity toward rockabilly, psychedelic, and alternative music throughout the ages, the band discovered a fast and loose, rowdy rock and roll style with a bit of a western twist. Top it all off with howling vocals, sailing guitar solos, and driving rhythms? You’ve got yourself a nice drink of Mitch for Mayor right there.

Gaining momentum throughout the first two years since its inception, Mitch for Mayor’s live show has gained a reputation not unlike a runaway train: careening around corners with a quickening pace, but reliably remaining on the tracks. Until recently, the band has almost exclusively wowed crowds within the Edmonton area, with a few exceptions outside of town. Whether mentioning a second place finish at a band battle in the summer of 2018, or dominating the stage at Edmonton’s Union Hall in the spring of 2019, the band is preparing to take their next step forward.

Mitch for Mayor are currently recording a new album to follow up 2019’s release of their first EP, “Out of the Rhubarb”. While remaining committed to their roots, they are also excited to branch out of their comfort zone and explore some new and exciting sonic terrain. With plans to take the highway by storm in 2020, you can bet you’ll find yourself in the cross-hairs of their campaign trail very soon.


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