Neon Bloom

Radio Station: Toronto
Alternative / Indie / Rock,Alternative Rock / Electronica,Art Rock

Combining the talents of veteran musicians/recording artists Jen Simpson (lead vocals), bassist/guitarist Fred Yurichuk, guitarist/keyboardist Simon Chow and drummer/keyboardist Chris Romano, Neon Bloom has already staked a claim as one of the most innovative and energetic live bands on the Toronto scene, by invoking their collective experience as live performers, and a dedicated sense of professionalism and passion for their craft.

Neon Bloom’s first official release, and EP called First Fever, was produced by Rob Sanzo and came out in late 2018. Both it, and newer material the band is working on demonstrate an excellence in composition and a wonderful blending of the band’s influences. Lighten Up, the first single from Neon Bloom’s forthcoming EP (expected in early 2020) highlights the more alternative, garage-rock feel of the band.

The experience and drive of the members of Neon Bloom has meant they have taken pretty much every aspect of their career as a band and brought it in house. With experience in booking and arranging the logistics of travel, Neon Bloom has booked three significant tours on their own: one of Canada, one in Taiwan in 2018, where they also played at the prestigious Spring Scream Festival, and more recently a tour of the Czech Republic and neighbouring European Countries.
With a strong drive to overcome great obstacles, Neon Bloom is a band that has a profound and deep appreciation for the opportunity they have to write, record, perform, and bring their potently positive energy to audiences. The purity of their motivations as artists is as inspiring as the story. But it’s the output of their effort and dedication that is most compelling.


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