Oakridge Ave.

Radio Station: Toronto
Alternative / Indie / Rock

Proudly hailing from the Live Music Capital of Canada – the members of Oakridge Ave. have been cutting their teeth in dynamic musical ventures for over ten years. Their individual musical pedigrees range from being influenced by operatic choral music, Celtic punk, the most genuine hard working and endlessly touring Canadian Indie bands, as well as the theory and technique from the prestigious Berkelee School of Music.

Since joining forces in 2018 they have been playing, and selling out, the venues that birthed other Canadian and internationally recognized bands such as The Mahones, The Glorious Sons, The Tragically Hip, The Headstones, Weeping Tile, and Bedouin Sound Clash. This trial by fire and musical apprenticeship has helped hone their tight, indie alt-rock sound into what it is today: A blend of influences from Canada’s rich musical tapestry. Since their debut 2018 EP, ‘Lost and Out of Place,’ supported by an extensive east coast Maritime tour the same year, their songwriting, sound, and dynamic has matured, as have their energetic live performances.

Following a serendipitous meeting with one of their musical heroes, legendary indie-rock musician/producer Ian Blurton (Future Now, Change of Heart, Blurtonia, C’Mon, The Lowest of the Low, The Weakerthans, Rheostatics) in the summer of 2018 at the Wolfe Island Music Festival, Oakridge Ave teamed with him at his Pro Gold studio in Toronto for their forthcoming debut full length album, “Endless Nights”. The resulting 10 track album, set for release in spring 2020, is a mix of guitar driven alt-rock nuggets featuring, guitar and vocal harmonies, subtly layered lyrics, and musicianship rare amongst current bands. In the past year having shared the stage with The Beaches, Chris Koster (The Glorious Sons), Yukon Blonde, and their heroes Lowest of the Low. Throughout 2020 Oakridge Ave is hitting the road across Ontario and beyond to spread “Endless Nights” and their high energy live show. Oakridge Ave is like a good Canadian ale; rich, complex, but accessible and smooth, best enjoyed with good friends and always intent on having a great time!