Radio Station: Toronto
Rock / Pop

PARASONA: the combination of latin words “Parabellum” (prepare for war) and “Potensona” (powerful music).
A passionate pop rock band from Toronto, Canada. Parasona works to share their creativity with the world that will provoke you to feel again. The band consists of Adam Lancia (Vocals, Guitar) and Joshua Golias (Drums, Beard).
Parasona have released their energetic pop rock singles “Revel in the Night” & “Scars You Left Behind” which were co-written and produced by Steve Molella of the band Finger Eleven. Available everywhere now!
“Revel is an upbeat rock anthem about two people emotionally scarred from past relationships coming together in the randomness of the night. They fulfill each other’s desires and needs without a care for what will happen tomorrow, just being free in the moment.”
“With Scars we wanted a song that talked about the addiction of not being able to let go of someone. Being taken advantage of because of being complacent and letting any love you had left to give slowly drain away. Both are songs that on the surface you can listen and have a good time but also has a deeper meaning of toxic relationships.” – Adam


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