Patrick McWilliams

Radio Station: Vancouver
Alternative / Electronica / Rock

Formerly known as The Cut Losses, indie-rocker Patrick McWilliams was in a string of failed punk bands, over 10,000$ of gambling debt and faced with unemployment. While paying homage to the 70’s, 80’s and even Motown, his sound has been described as “retro-sounding to be sure, but the era that’s being evoked is hard to pin down”. McWilliams released his first EP in 2016 by recording what would become the debut demo tape “Lightning Dolphin”.

The music was quickly embraced, gaining over 100,000 plays in 48 hours on Spotify due to a feature on their “Fresh Finds” playlist. After being told McWilliams had no future in music by his high-school teachers, highly-praised reviews, as well as landing large supporting slots for Together Pangea and Paper Lions, suggested otherwise. He has been touted as “the next big thing” by internet music critics and fellow bloggers.

The past years have seen McWilliams at his busiest; performing alongside main-tier artists internationally and at festivals including James McCartney (Paul McCartney’s son), Surfer Blood, Said the Whale, Joey Cape and BIG Winter Classic 2017 all while selling-out his own headline shows. On top of this, McWilliams found time to make a short-length documentary, and released “Growing Old” in 2017; the first release since 2016’s debut EP.

In 2018, McWilliams formed the act “Gone Sugar Die” alongside Mike Hindert and Anthony Burulcich of The Bravery, featuring Marshall Gallagher of 3OH!3 and Teenage Wrist. The act debuted at Canadian Music Week 2019 in Toronto, ON and is set for their first release in 2019. The year followed with performances in Los Angeles, headlining clubs and performing at the iconic “Emo Nite LA” at the Echoplex. With all things considered, it isn’t hard to see why McWilliams earned the title of “Vancouver’s buzziest young psyche pop act”.