Phenix Red

Radio Station: Toronto
Hip Hop,Pop

Nashville’s own powerhouse rebel Phenix Red is making a name for herself standing apart from the common

A visionarysinger/songwriter and producer, Phenix Red has crafted a sound as raw as it is real, like a
canon going off on a rampage to the sound of 808’s. Mixing her love of pop melodies with dark harmonics,
deep imagery, and a whole lot of FIRE, Phenix Red welcomes you into her WORLD.

Through a path of self discovery, Phenix Red has created her own lane, full of gumption, character, &
feelings of truths.

She has created a sound decorated by lyrical driven messages fused into her stretchy set of
pipes & powerful stage performances. She is sure to capture you while establishing her persona to be a true
reflection of her movement.

Phenix Red connects YOU to your inner warrior energy & takes you on a
journey through all your senses. By giving you a soulful experience, she always leaves you with something you