Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos

Radio Station: Saskatoon
Alternative / Indie / Rock

Formed in late 2015, Phoenix and Tthe SilverVoodoos is an emergining original indie rock band from Asquith, SK Canada. The band consists of founder and frontwoman Phoenix Christa, guitarist Roland King and drummer Linda King. Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos’ music can best be described as loud and powerful with Roland’s heavy guitar, Phoenix’s rugged vocals and her grinding guitar licks combined with Linda’s engaging beats. This band’s dark and mysterious sound is sure to please your “rocker” soul. They have been described as having a “Black Sabbath vibe” and have been compared to the “Runaways”. Audience feedback declared Phoenix and The SilverVoodoos “a Rock and Roll revival”! You can find Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos on most streaming media sites.


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