Po Lazarus

Radio Station: Montreal

Po Lazarus is a four-piece rock n’ roll outfit from Montreal founded by Joshua Carey, lead vocals, and bassist Paul Mascarenhas in 2014. The two songwriters are now joined by Josh Grants on drums and Kento Kataoka on lead guitar.

While rooted in rock, Po Lazarus’ sound dabbles in the spectrums of folk, country, punk, jazz and more, guaranteeing listeners and concert goers to be taken on a musical joyride. Following the release of their 2016 debut album, Ways to End the Night, Po Lazarus have been crowned as the underdog royalty of Montreal’s music scene. Their live stage presence has been regarded as one of the most enticing in the city. The band’s upcoming album, Loserland, has tapped the expertise of veteran producer and sound engineer Mark Vreeken (The Tragically Hip, Leonard Cohen, Prince) and executive producer Nyles Spencer (Half Moon Run), recorded at the Tragically Hip’s owned and operated Bathouse Studio. Po Lazarus’ fine tuning of their forthcoming songs, paired alongside a renowned expert in their field, has culminated into their most polished, organic and genuine piece of work yet.


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The above is the embedded code. We have continued to play hundreds of shows following that performance, but have never posted them again on YouTube. A live performance, yet not in front of an audience, can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLQ3jqaUQyQ As well, please note that the MP3 files provided have yet to be mastered as they are part of an upcoming, unreleased album.