Red and The Ramblers

Radio Station: Toronto

If a dive bar and a honky tonk made a baby this would be the product produced. Red and the Ramblers walk the line of traditions forged by country music on an outlaw path through the murky waters of what is considered country music today. Red and the Ramblers are real showmen, jumping into the crowd to play off stage, having fun with the crowd, and bartenders by sending shots up to the stage, while playing incredibly energetic sets of original songs and time honored covers. Their songs address the daily grind of modern day life, alongside traditional themes of love, heartbreak, and loneliness. Currently, drawing inspiration from such contemporary masters as Childers, Sturgill, and Stapleton, while respecting such legends of the industry as Cash, Jennings, and Nelson. All songs are written, composed, and performed by Red and Ramblers, no showboating here folks. This tight five man band will have you on your boots all night long. Red and the Rambler cut their teeth in dive bars and honky tonks, this synergy resonates throughout their modern day outlaw music.


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