Radio Station: Edmonton
Alternative / Soul,Garage Rock,Indie / Surf Rock

********Our Closest Station is Saskatoon.

Rymestone formed in 2018 in Prince Albert SK with original members Emma Jean Anderson, Ian
Dickson, and Jordy Balicki. In September 2019 a fourth member, Stephen Williams was added.
Rymestone is inspired by the natural world and fueled by a stream of consciousness drive that
encompasses relationships, friendships, frustrations, and aspirations. Using traditional rock and
roll instruments, this group pushes the genre towards a more post-punk flavour through the use
of deep but dynamic female vocals that thread a lyrical word- weaving together emotive states
of being with descriptive and sometimes colloquial speech. This Northern Saskatchewan group
boasts self-production with the aid of band member Jordy Balicki’s recording studio, Reservoir
Recordings, established the same year as the band.
In the band’s debut album, Neighbourhood, Rymestone bares teeth at themes of sickness &
health, yes/no & maybe, love & lust, isolation & community. Many of Neighbourhood’s songs are
upbeat, and slower songs still provide an intensity characteristic of the band. There are a lot of
fun moments in this collection, and the listener can expect a dynamic sound that is sometimes
pretty, and sometimes gritty.
The live show of this group is a collection of enthusiasms- with all members clearly enjoying
music in a very primal and genuine way.
Rymestone’s album Neighbourhood is available October 31, 2019 online and in person at shows.


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