Sleepy Kicks

Radio Station: Halifax
Alternative / Indie / Rock,Rock / Pop

Sleepy Kicks are a four-piece indie-rock group that formed on the darker side of Halifax in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Their infectious style ranges from slow-paced indie love ballads like the song “Natalie”, to fast-paced dance grooves like that found on the song “Maria”. Banding together in the summer of 2018, they grew up with a shared love for rock and roll and decided it was time to start making music. There is a lot of fear for the future in the minds of Millenials; Sleepy Kicks offer a sound that reaches out to a generation coming of age in a world that’s full of unanswered questions. Their music resonates adventure and conviction; all the while staying relatable to their younger audience. Band Members include Dartmouth proud Mitch Currie and Braden Kamermans sharing the light as lead guitar and vocals, Alex Heighton slapping bass and Colin McCormick banging drums. With every release and live show, Sleepy Kicks prove themselves to be hungry and high-energy.


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