Stef Palm

Radio Station: Edmonton
Alternative / Indie / Rock

Stef Palm is an emerging alternative rock artist based in Sylvan Lake, AB. His songs elicit a simultaneous sense of unfamiliar sonic territory and familiar musical moments. You’ve been here before, but not quite in this array of rhythmic twists, distinct harmony, and prototypical genre.

Amplified by intentional and translucent lyrics, every line serves the greater purpose of coaxing the listener to exist inside the core of each song.. and every song offers a unique mirror to look into; becoming clearer the longer you look.

A live experience with Stef is like riding a wavelength. Uplifting and electrically charged tunes like Spiral Higher can softly melt into a sorrowing retrospective ballad like Eclipser, slowly building back towards climaxed peaks, lush harmony walls, thunderous drums, and soaring vocals… Everything lifts, fading out as gently as it arrived.

Stef is in the midst of recording his first EP, and is busy preparing for what comes next.

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