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Alternative Rock

Yo we’re T.H.C. aka THE HOME CREW from St. James in Winnipeg.  You might have heard of us before, after all we have been touring around since 1997. 

Our sound could best be described as a messed up mix of metal, punk and rap. The truth is we probably could have packed it in years ago but we just can’t stop. We’re addicted and still having an absolute blast playing out and writing tunes. Music to us has always been an art form and a brotherhood. We really aren’t concerned about what’s popular on the radio or any of the mainstream music trends. 

Over the years we’ve had an opportunity to tour across Canada and have been invited to festivals like New Music West, Canadian Music week, End Of The World and Prairie Music Week sharing the stage with some great talent. 

The song we’re submitting to you today is called Big Dreams and is a story about our band.  If you’ve ever played in a serious project you can probably relate!  

We hope you dig it…

Sincerely, T.H.C. 

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