Taken By Sanity

Radio Station: Calgary
Alternative,Indie / Pop

Recent recipients of the 2019 YYC Music Awards Peoples Choice and Top 10 CBC Searchlight Finalists, Taken By Sanity is an emerging pop alternative group from Calgary, Alberta known for their unique blend of indie pop and rock influences. Established in 2016, the band was created through the video sharing platform, YouTube, where Blaine and Blair Stillman found vocalist Jonah Morris, covering many influential artists, which they mutually admired. With their shared taste in musical inspiration, Taken By Sanity began formulating their unique image and sound through their honest songwriting, remarkable vocals, dynamic instrumentation, and powerful stage presence. Their debut album, ‘City of Contrast’ was written, recorded, and produced independently, which released on June 1st of 2019. Finding success through their genuine passion, and unique identifiable sound, Taken By Sanity is a group of dedicated musicians with performances that allure audiences of all generations.

Taken By Sanity is set to appear on CBC’s television program, ‘Still Standing’ for their sixth season, which is featured in Turner Valley, Alberta in 2020.


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