Radio Station: Toronto
Indie / Pop / Rock

TANDM is a Toronto-based Indie Pop duo, consisting of Thomas Franklin and Maxine Beck-Sinderby. TANDM began performing in Canada in 2016, with Maxine on vocals and guitar, and Thomas on drums. Their music is distinctive for Maxine’s sweet melodious vocals and catchy guitar riffs, driven forward by the energy of Thomas’s impeccable drum flourishes. TANDM’s songs tell stories of personal pleasures and the flaws in society experienced in young adulthood. Their music creates a bittersweet and memorable experience for the audience that echoes long after a first listen. After having performed on CityTV Breakfast TV Toronto’s “6ix Star Rising”, TANDM released their latest single “Earthworm” on January 24, 2020; their first track following the releases of debut EP Reflections, Vol. 1 and subsequent Reflections, Vol. 2 in 2019.