Radio Station: Toronto
Alternative Reggae,Electronic Pop,Hip Hop,R&B

I go by the artist name of “Tavy”, I’ve been making Hip-Hop/RnB/Pop music since I was 13 years old. I make all ranges of music but I also do speak spanish, so I do reggaeton as well! I feel like I’m a very diverse artist. I’m 22 years old now and feel like its time to take my music aspirations to the next level. I bring a Drake/TheWeeknd sound to the mix that really engages the audience to hear more. I feel like I’m the next rising star coming out of Canada. I’ve recently done a song with Kirko Bangz which a popular rapper from the USA. This is gonna be a ground breaking record. Everything has yet to be released because I’m working on my special debut. This would be a huge opportunity for me and my career If I get chosen to perform! I’ve been really passionate about songwriting and making music since a young age and feel like it’s just right that I get an opportunity to perform and showcase my talent!

Thank you for your consideration and hoping to hear back from you !